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Earnings (including self-employed), Bank and bond interest, Stock dividends
Interest in any partnership, S corporation, or tax shelter, Income from a trust or estate, Rentals, Unemployment compensation, Pension or annuity, W-2, 1099, 1099-DIV/INT, K-1

Medical expenses, Interest payments, Taxes, Charitable contributions w/ acknowledgements from , the charity, Moving expenses, Business expenses, Mortgage interest or points, including Form 1098 Substantial, theft or casualty losses, Investment-related expenses

Record of all purchases of personal property
used in a trade or business

Securities sold or purchased, Broker conformation
slips, Monthly brokerage statements Form 1099-B

Real Estate
Sale of personal residence, Sale of business real estate,
Purchase of personal residence, Purchase of business
real estate, Sale or purchase of other property, Improvements

Record of all retirement plan contributions and distributions, 1099-R for withdrawals, Social Security benefits received

All income, expense and loss items that do not fall in the above categories, such as awards and settlements in personal injury cases, Alimony payments and receipts, Child care expenses, State and local tax payments, Tax refunds, Amounts and dates of estimated tax payments (federal and state), Social Security numbers for all dependents, including children born before November 1, 1996

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